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About Kitchen Concepts

Located in Christchurch, Kitchen Concepts designs, manufactures and installs new kitchens and kitchen renovations for all of Canterbury.

Woodwork was the only subject that Glen Kelman enjoyed at school, so it’s little wonder that his first job was working with kitchen joinery – and he hasn’t looked back.

“There’s nothing better than helping create a kitchen that both works well and looks great,” says the Kitchen Concepts owner. “I didn’t set out to run my own company, and I certainly didn’t see myself as a salesman. Customers just kept turning up and we’d help them out. It’s all grown from that.”

In the early days, Glen’s speciality was installing kitchens. Working as Install Concepts, he fitted hundreds of kitchens for Christchurch homes. Then in July 2019, to better communicate the full-service kitchen company they had become, the Kitchen Concepts brand was unveiled: same company, same team, same level of attention for every project – just a different name.

It’s not unheard of for the Kitchen Concepts team to receive a batch of fresh baking from delighted customers, testing out their new or renovated kitchen.

“Kitchens are not an impulse buy,” Glen explains, “So we try to make the planning, design and installation experience as pleasant as we can. That’s why we have a kitchen showroom here in Christchurch, and we’re happy to visit any home owner to talk about their kitchen flow, look, and storage.”

With an in-house kitchen designer, their own factory manufacturing your custom kitchen, and years of experience managing kitchen projects big and small, Glen and the team at Kitchen Concepts looks forward to helping you create your perfect kitchen.

Our kitchen showroom

Because we are a lean team and we spend parts of our day talking kitchens in homes all over Canterbury, it’s a great idea to arrange an appointment before you visit our kitchen showroom.

That way, one of our kitchen specialists can help guide you through the maze of decisions a new kitchen or kitchen renovation can present. Simply call 0508 MY KITCHEN (0508 69 5482436) to arrange a suitable time to visit.

We look forward to seeing you!

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