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Don’t be surprised – we could talk all day about kitchen appliances.

Seriously, we quite like kitchen appliances: what to look for, what to avoid, our favourites, how we use them. In every kitchen, appliances are the time-saving, effort-saving, unsung workhorses. In a new kitchen, they will eat up about ten percent of your kitchen budget. It’s worth giving a bit of thought to their features, how they perform, and how they look.

Instead of trying to write an answer to every single kitchen appliance question we’ve ever been asked, here are some talking points to get the conversation started:


Gas, electric or induction – everyone has a friend who swears by one or the other. It’s a personal choice. For some people, efficiency is key; an induction cooktop will bring a pot of water to the boil faster than a gas hob. For other folk, the variable control of gas wins the contest, so they look for details on thermal units and conductive cast iron burner grates. Of course, for some Christchurch kitchens, installing gas is not an easy option. Plus, give some thought to how each of your cooktop options is cleaned.


Convection ovens circulate the heat with a fan, cooking food faster and more evenly – good if you want to get dinner on the table quickly. Home bakers are likely to prefer the traditional bake/roast oven for a more even heat. Or, why not (if space allows) go for both, either stacked or side-by-side? Do you need an oven big enough for Christmas turkeys and trays of biscuits? Will you ever use a warming drawer? Is it possible to child-lock the oven controls?


There are three prominent styles of refrigerator: freezer top/fridge bottom, fridge top/freezer bottom, French doors (fridge and freezer standing side by side).

You’re more likely to use the fridge more frequently than the freezer in your kitchen, so having the fridge at eye level will mean less bending over to grab the milk. A tall, French door freezer can make it easier to find your frozen food.

Hot tip: wide fridges have wide doors, so make sure the open door won’t block your movement around your kitchen.

Would a chilled water dispenser on the door be useful? Most come with ice or water filter options.


Today’s dishwashers are easier to load, use water more efficiently, and are quieter than older models.

Adjustable racks make the load space more flexible, allowing for wine glasses, platters and pots.

Consider where the controls are positioned: door front controls may not be suitable for integrated joinery; door top controls give the kitchen a sleek look as they are hidden when the door is closed.

Do you start the dishwasher cycle as you head off to bed? You’ll want a model that’s whisper quiet so as not to wake the household. 45 decibels or less is pretty quiet.


Wall-mounted range hoods, island hoods, or downdraft systems – a good ducted ventilation system removes steam, heat and odour from your kitchen. This also helps to keep your kitchen cabinetry, walls and appliances free from moisture and vaporised cooking residue. But you don’t want to be deafened by the motor – we can advise which models are quietest.


The classic favourite colour for kitchen appliances remains white. Stainless steel continues to grow in popularity. Hiding the fridge and dishwasher behind integrated custom cabinetry is another option. Some manufacturers offer signature colours, which can deliver a bold or stylish statement in your kitchen.

Keep the process of choosing your kitchen appliances for your new kitchen (or kitchen renovation) grounded by returning to this one question: what kind of cooking and baking will I do in my kitchen?

The appliance-lovers at Kitchen Concepts can always help you design your answer.

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