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The 4 things you should consider before choosing a kitchen sink.

If you add up the amount of time you spend at your kitchen sink – soaking and washing dishes, scrubbing vegetables, washing your hands – you might be surprised. It makes sense, then, to make sure your sink is the best one for how you spend your time in the kitchen. Which is the best one? The sink which not only does the work you need it to, but the one that looks great and doesn’t blow your budget.

1. Material

Porcelain, stainless steel, cast iron, stone – there are plenty of materials to choose from. Not only do the prices vary, but so do the levels of upkeep. How often (and how thoroughly) do you plan to clean your sink?

2. Construction

Drop-in. Under-mount. Flush-mount. Butler’s sink. Your sink has to attach itself somehow to the rest of the kitchen cabinetry, and each of these methods bring a different look to your kitchen. Do you want a visible lip resting on the countertop? Or would you prefer the seamless look an under-mount sink offers as it maximises your bench-space? Tip: remember to provide extra strength to your kitchen joinery if you decide on a heavy-weight Butler’s sink.

3. Size

The larger the sink, the higher the price (usually). If you don’t cook much, a standard size might be fine. If you have bench space to spare, consider going for a slightly bigger sink, so long as it’s in keeping with the overall scale of your kitchen – a tub-sized sink in a tiny kitchen will look out of place. And remember the depth of the sink: will it be comfortable to reach into for everyone on kitchen duty?

4. Shape

Single bowl or double bowl? Drainage tray or not? The shape of your sink will depend on how you use your kitchen. Never do the dishes by hand? Then maybe you don’t need a drainage tray. Want a waste disposal unit? Then a double bowl is likely to be the winner. Cook with big soup pots or serve food on large platters? A large, single bowl might be a good option.

Make sure you think about how you use your kitchen, both cooking and cleaning. And yes, Kitchen Concepts has the skills to help you find a kitchen sink you’ll love.

Bonus: Caring For Your Stainless Steel Sink

A thin layer of chromium oxide builds up on the surface of stainless steel; that’s what gives the metal its resistance to corrosion. To maximise the life of your sink it’s important to keep this layer free of dirt and grime. Cleaning the sink regularly not only gives it a long life but helps keep it looking great. And don’t worry, you can’t wear out stainless steel by over-cleaning it.

To clean your stainless steel sink simply wipe it down with warm, soapy water. For stubborn bits of grime use a non-abrasive household cleaner (but not anything containing chlorine, which can damage the finish of the sink).

Got annoying fingerprints on the stainless steel? Try the warm, soapy water again, but persistent prints can be vanished with a dedicated stainless steel cleaner from your local supermarket. Remember, don’t use harsh abrasives.

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