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Design and practicality are important when choosing taps for your kitchen.

With so many options available it’s difficult not to get overwhelmed. To help add the ideal finishing touch to your new or updated kitchen, here are six areas to think about:

Functional tapware.

Designing a kitchen for a new house gives you a bit more freedom to choose whatever style you like. But that said, you still need to consider how you want your taps to work.

How will they best support how you use your kitchen sink? Should the taps be in the middle of the sink, or off to one side? Positioned on top of the bench or wall-mounted? A fixed spout or swivel head? Pull out taps and spray taps come with a flexible hose which allows you to direct the water where you want.

Some tapware models even have the ability to change the type of flow, much like a shower head can swap from gentle spray to powerful jet – perfect for rinsing dirty plates.

If you are renovating your kitchen or giving it a facelift, you’ll need to select a tap that fits the kitchen plumbing and dimensions. Does the kitchen benchtop already have tap holes in it? How much room is there for tap or mixer handles? Would an integrated hot-water dispenser be convenient for instant cuppas?

No matter how clever your kitchen tapware is, or how lovely it looks, it must firstly be functional.

Separate taps or a mixer?

The style of your kitchen often dictates whether your taps are the three-piece option (separate hot and cold taps and a spout) or a mixer (which mixes hot and cold water together, both temperature and flow controlled by a single handle). The three-piece hardware is considered the more traditional design, while the mixer is more contemporary.

Simple or stylish taps?

The style and finish of your tapware can complement – even enhance – your existing decor. If you are replacing just the kitchen taps, it’s usual to match the style of the taps in the bathroom. Shiny chrome taps with rounded edges; powdered black mixer with square edges; antique bronze, brushed grey, rose gold; short taps or elegant curved spouts… the best start to this decision process might be coming to view (and touch) the range of taps in our kitchen showroom.

Water pressure

What’s the water pressure in your kitchen? How fast does water flow from your taps? Most taps work with low or standard water pressures, but some new kitchen taps need high water pressure to work properly. Knowing your water pressure saves you from compatibility issues and means you can arrange any plumbing adjustments before different taps are installed. Unsure about your house’s water pressure? Kitchen Concepts can help.

Water filters

Enjoy filtered water straight from your taps with an inbuilt water filter. There are even hot and cold-water options. Designed to fit beneath your kitchen benchtop, it can be attached to your new tapware or installed as a separate fixture next to your existing taps. Remember that the filtering component needs replacing every six months or so.

You use your kitchen taps every day, so it’s important to find the ideal solution. You don’t have to face this decision alone – the kitchen specialists at Kitchen Concepts are happy to help.

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