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New Kitchen

Building a new home? Perhaps you’ve engaged an architect to come up with a house design that’s uniquely yours? Or you’ve found an off-the-shelf house plan which perfectly fits your needs? Either way, you’ll want to add your own personal touch to the most important room in the home – your kitchen. From figuring out which design will best match the way you use a kitchen, to deciding where the kitchen appliances should go, a New Kitchen Consultation is the place to start.

We want to know what kind of kitchen joinery and benchtop styles you prefer, what cabinetry handles and tapware you like, and the colour combinations that make you smile. In actual fact, we walk you through the painless process of making your new kitchen yours! All from the comfort of your own home, or in our custom-designed kitchen showroom.

Kitchen Renovation

No matter whether you’ve just moved into an older home or you’ve been living there for many years, the day comes when you walk into the kitchen and think “This needs updating.” Not every kitchen update needs a total makeover, especially if the layout still works well for you. Maybe it’s just time for modern kitchen appliances? Would extra storage make life in the kitchen easier?

This is when our in-home Kitchen Renovation Consultation is the ideal option. Discuss with our kitchen specialist what you want in a kitchen, while standing in your kitchen! We can offer guidance on the latest kitchen trends and suggest solutions for creating your ideal kitchen.

Kitchen Facelift

This may not be for you – not every kitchen is a facelift candidate. But if your kitchen is in good condition (and you don’t like the colour or style of the joinery) then we might be able to simply replace the cabinetry doors and benchtop with new ones to achieve a fresh, updated look. Sound simple?

It can be. The only way to determine whether your kitchen will benefit from a facelift is to arrange our Kitchen Facelift Consultation. Let’s have a look, and a chat.

Laundry Facelift

One more thing to keep in mind… kitchen joinery is manufactured the same way as laundry joinery. It can be a great idea, if you are thinking about a kitchen update, to consider showing your laundry some love at the same time. Just a thought.

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