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Embrace function and beauty in your kitchen with the help of your designer.

There is a reason that the kitchen is one of the most complicated rooms in your house – it’s full of utilities like water, drainage, and electrical wiring. Plus, because it’s a workspace, walkways and work surfaces have to fit happily alongside doors, windows and appliances. Creating a working kitchen is the first step.

But kitchens can be so much more than simply functional. They can be comfortable, welcoming places to cook and socialise.

Our experienced kitchen designers are professionals who know how to blend form and function. They reimagine spaces and can bring your ideas to life, even transforming how you spend time in your kitchen.

The personal advice our kitchen designers offer is invaluable. They take the concepts you may have seen in brochures or online and turn them into reality for your project. How much clearance does your dream fridge need? Your kitchen designer knows. Which splash-back will suit the colour scheme? Your kitchen designer knows that, too.

Trends, styles, appliances, colours – there’s a lot of keep up with in the world of kitchens. That’s why it makes sense to tap into the expertise of our design team. They can make sure your new or updated kitchen harmonises with the styling of your home.

Believe us when we say we have seen every conceivable do-it-yourself kitchen design mishap: cupboard doors hitting each other, unreachable power points, non-draining sinks. (If you think your current kitchen has a DIY doozie, please tell us!) Using our kitchen design team for your project means you avoid these hiccups, finishing instead with a functional, beautiful kitchen that you can fall in love with.

Oh, and if you have a folder of kitchen ideas saved on Pinterest, then our design team wants to see it, please – it’s a great way to share the look and feel of what you like in a kitchen.

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