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Hundreds of kitchen installations have taught us things.

There is a big difference between installing a new kitchen in an unoccupied house, and replacing a kitchen in an existing, lived-in home.

Firstly, for a new home or full renovation, our kitchen installation team liaises with the site project manager and slots in with the schedules of the various related trades.

Secondly, in an existing home, there’s the ever-present time pressure of completing the project with the minimum of disruption to household routine and meal preparation.

It’s a big deal having people you don’t know come into your home. We understand.

After installing hundreds – actually, it could even have tipped into thousands! – of kitchens throughout Christchurch and Canterbury, Kitchen Concepts has learnt how to complete both kinds of kitchen installation projects with no fuss.

And you might be surprised how efficiently we can complete our work. For example, if we’re not changing the existing kitchen layout or footprint, a new kitchen might be finished in a day. A kitchen facelift might take two or three days.

We know all the secrets to keeping your home as tidy as possible for the short time it’s a construction zone. (Wiping our feet is just one of them).

And yes, when we’re finished, we take away all project debris. The only thing you’re left with is a fantastic kitchen, and a smile.

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