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Eliminating the three headaches of kitchen installation.

The kitchen is the room in your home which has the greatest number of tradespeople working on it. A certified builder looks after any structural remodelling; an electrician makes sure the power gets to where it’s needed;  a lighting specialist helps you see what’s cooking; the plumber gets water in and out of the kitchen; if you’re cooking with gas you need a gas fitter; and the painter, tiler and flooring team all make the kitchen surfaces hard-wearing and easy on the eye. And then there’s the kitchen installation crew.

Why would you try to coordinate a team like that yourself?

If you try to gather together a bunch of your own contractors to work on your kitchen project, there are three headaches homeowners often experience:

1. Scheduling delays. It’s not easy to line up each independent tradesperson to be at your house in the order you need them, when you need them. Like a long line of standing dominoes, one small delay can knock over the entire sequence – and your kitchen is out of action for longer than expected.

2. Budget blowouts. When you’ve got a group of tradies who don’t know each other working on the same project, misunderstandings around who is responsible for each element of the project can occur. Invariably, there are unexpected costs as these oversights are discovered, debated, eventually settled, and completed.

3. Workmanship levels. If you are coordinating a team of independent tradespeople, it’s up to you to communicate what ‘quality’ looks like, and determine whether each professional has met that standard of work for your kitchen.

Phew! Those three headaches are why Kitchen Concept clients love the Project Management service.

When it comes time for tools, your kitchen project will have one point of contact – most likely Glen, the head honcho. His mission is to make the installation process as smooth for you as possible.

“A kitchen is such an important part of someone’s home,” explains Glen. “I find it really exciting to help make their kitchen amazing.”

But Glen doesn’t do that by himself. The Kitchen Concepts team includes many tradespeople and sub-contractors who share Glen’s enthusiasm.

“I’ve been working with one of our plumbers for over fifteen years. He knows what our clients need and I trust him to deliver, every time.”

Because the contractor team has collaborated on numerous kitchen projects, they know how each other works, and support each other to produce a top-notch finished product.

“My role is like the conductor of an orchestra,” says Glen. “Simply helping the skilled players perform. Plus keeping the audience – our lovely customer – informed of the programme.”

Installing a new kitchen or renovating your old kitchen does not need to include project headaches. Let Christchurch’s Kitchen Concepts manage your kitchen project for you.

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